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Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

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Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby hjkl » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:51 pm

Two fantastic ways to SIMPLIFY your medical examination practices and procedures!

I noticed you have evolved what you perform on these lovely ladies over time. I am asking you to consider incorporating (changing) two (2) actions (activities) for each new person. These do not change the overall concept. The Dr. is not going to do anything more than just therapy and / or research. It is NOT simply just expanding to do porn!

1 (One). Eliminate the dildo machine!

Could you generate an SR (Sexual Response) number for each lady? This would be done by incorporating the following new procedure. Since women often fake orgasms, this is the ONLY way to confirm their SR number! SR is the number of cliteral actions it takes to give them an orgasm. (Please see below for details).
As you already started to do with Silvia Dellai and Lola Fauve, SLOWLY and GENTLY manipulate their cliterous, till they each come to full orgasm. But do this while they are on the table, with the speculum inserted!

Filming their faces, and their breathing a little as well, but focusing on their uterus.

You can silently COUNT each rub (ie: each stimulation motion) as you do this. The number of slow masturbation circles / rubs it takes to reach orgasm is that person’s SR (Sexual Response) number. If you want to go high tech, you can have a silent metronome or silent electronic counter doing the counting.
Instead of sex machines, dildoes, etc. . . . this will let you keep things more simple!!

To recap, bring each lady to orgasm while on the table. You could use time-lapse filming (where 1 minute is captured and is shown in only 10 seconds, lets say).

Do this while they are on the table, with the speculum in! As they get excited, you will need to have a douche of (LUKE WARM WATER) at the ready, to keep washing out the wetness they generate as they get more and more aroused. Do this till they come to full orgasm! With a frequently flushed (ie: washed out vagina), the camera can capture how their uterus behaves during orgasm. (This will expand on what even Dr. Masters and Virginia Johnson was able to do with the dildo-cam they called Ulysses).

You will also be able to show, as I suspect, that there is no such thing as spewing of orgasmic fluids coming out of women, and that simply all that is happening is that some women loose control of their bladder and they squirt urine during orgasm.

Talking about urinating, that part of the filming / photo sessions are boring!

As a second (2nd) item to consider incorporating into your regular procedure / examination practice . . . please ask them to drink a few glasses of vine / beer at the start . . . and ask them to pee WHILE on the table!!! In this way . . . one can actually see the urine flow out of their urethra (this will also be a big turn on for most / some? men)!

By regularly incorporating these two (2) new procedures / filmed practices into your examination methodology; they will set you apart from anything on the internet!!

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Re: Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby admin » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:02 pm

a reply from team:

this is not a bad idea, we will surely consider it.

We would also like to know what other members think about your post.

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Re: Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby Xkogor » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:33 pm

Yes, please stop using the dildo machine! Incorporate it in another setting /on an other of your excellent sites if you may. This is all about clinical study of women, and preferably with as much cervical exposure as possible. The brilliant aspect of this site is that it will always involve abundant use of specula (preferably several different types of specula per scene). Making this more research oriented, by means of SR orgasm testing (with speculum inserted at all times) or even comparative studies of two or more patients (with speculums inserted) at the same time, is HIGHLY interesting.
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Re: Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby rodney231 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:57 am

I do not like the fucking machine, one of those would never be found in real exam

although the rest of the exam is great we need the pap smear to be perform using a proper cervix broom, I noticed a forum asking this but not implemented in the videos, using the proper cervix broom would make the exam most realistic
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Re: Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby 716147 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:22 am

Strongly Agree.
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Re: Two fantastic new medical examination therapy / research

Postby rodney231 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:24 am

really need to see pap smears be performed using the proper tools, it will make more realistic exams
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