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male hands

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male hands

Postby caperuzo » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:21 am

please include male hands , seniorcunt style with young models. that would be awesome.
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Re: male hands

Postby BoyWithaProblem » Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:54 pm

Hi caperuzo - yes agree completely! For me, the arrival of male hands marks the start of the best bit. Until then, we just have a girl safely showing us her pink insides, and although lovely, there are so many other sites doing this.

When the male hands arrive, the scene becomes more sexual and the viewer can imagine that they themselves are searching her most private place. She loses control a little and the scene becomes more shameful, coerced, perhaps a slight violation.

And as you say, SeniorCunt already uses male hands wonderfully, with some prolongued vigourous stretching and perhaps even slight discomfort to the models, although these younger ladies cunts will not be as elastic as your Senior ones.

All that could improve GapeMyPussy further for me is some kind of acted embarrassment or resistance, some small scene beyond the bare stripping. Let's slowly undress and search them against their wishes, with the camera in close, before arriving at their cunts for stretching, fingering and examination in detail. Perhaps the girls should touch their toes, or be suspended upside down for full exposure. Perhaps more than one guy can come and look inside to extend the scene and her humiliation. The viewer in their fantasy wants to enter and interact with the scene beyond just 'guy watching girl paid to spread her pink'. I'd like to imagine scenes, beyond simple sex, where showing me her insides was a matter of compulsion and a little shame. Like the Shoplyfter pornsite's story idea but with the gyno wide exposure it seems unable to deliver.

In other words an ENF or CMNF twist that would set your excellent site apart from the rest and broaden its market.
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