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Postby CuntLover » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:44 pm

My main interest at this site is to see wide open cunts (whether held open by the models' hands or a gynecologist or even a horny guy) to see as much pussy innards and anatomical detail as possible, so I'm pretty flexible concerning the age of the model, her facial beauty or even how she "dresses" (as little as that is.)

However, if I had my druthers I would like to see mature looking women (say between 30 and 60) who look like average women, meaning average to slightly ugly facial appearance, unkempt finger nails (not gaudily polished) and completely naked (instead of wearing garish stockings or shoes, boots, etc.)

Of course, most importantly of all, I'd like their cunts to be as "natural" and as big and voluptuous as possible, meaning each having at least certain sexy attributes such as long and distended labia, a large vaginal opening and vestibule, a big or prominent clit, and - yes - A LOT of pubic hair to make it all even nastier (although I know that's not a crowd-pleaser around here, or is it?)

My pussy ideals may be "obvious" to ALL cunt lovers (hair maybe not withstanding), but part of the point I'm trying to make is that the "look" of the models shown here (age, beauty, fashion style) seems to be more important than the "quality" (anatomical details) of their cunts. Too many "young", pretty girls with small vaginas, small labia, invisible clits, and - of course - little to no pubic hair.

I'd like to see the priorities change a little. Models should be chosen for the attractiveness of their CUNTS first and foremost, based upon what members here most like to see. Maybe they already are and my tastes are in the minority but as a straight, NATURAL cunt-loving guy I somehow doubt that.
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Postby admin » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:17 am


are you aware of our other website devoted to cunt spreading / stretching / flexing / widening of older mature women?

We have got a lot of ads which will redirect you to our [url][/url] website, however, just to make sure you know the site,

here is a direct link:

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Postby CuntLover » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:19 pm


Yes I know about In fact, that is how I learned about I like SeniorCunt because the models are older and some are hairy but I find the guys hands frustrating because they block my view of the insides too often.

When I saw GapeMyPussy advertised I thought it might be more for me because it emphasized spreading and displaying of cunt more than probing, if you know what I mean.

I don't mean to criticize, and I get the sense that GapeMyPussy is just the way you want it, so I'll back off.

I just wanted to point out that so many of the models look the same and have similarly small vaginas and I know there are women out there who have big fleshy cunts but can have very different bodies. I would just like to see a site like this one that specializes in pussy spreading but of the most voluptuous cunts around. Evidently, it isn't like that. SeniorCunt features women who are older and natural and GapeMyPussy features young women who look like prostitutes (IMO), but there cunts can be hit or miss.
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