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Such a sad sad thing...

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Such a sad sad thing...

Postby s.lenz.83 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:37 am

I know, Old-Pussy-Exam is kinda dead for quite a while now, no updates, no nothing.
This really makes me sad, since it was my FAVOURITE porn site on the internet, in general, the best for me of all the MILLION porn sites which are out there.
"" is sort of a substitute to me, but still just not the same.
I miss those elderly nextdoor-neighbor lady's and how their Pussy's where stretched out. how they were nervously looking into the camera while their Pussy's were spread wide open with a speculum.Those older mature woman seem to have bigger and more flexible Pussy's, and I loved that so much. i remember when i first discovered Old-Pussy-Exam online and how i almost fainted out of arousal. Nelly, Carmelita, Ellen, Vanda, Dorotha, Tonca, Betty, Anezka and OMG Amelie... Thank you so much for opening up your old cunt's to the world!

However. Just my opinion.

Keep the good work up guy's!
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