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GapeMyPussy - More Spreading - Less Gaping

tell us what you want to see, give us tips for next shootings...

GapeMyPussy - More Spreading - Less Gaping

Postby pussydoc » Tue May 19, 2015 7:01 am

For myself I wish more spreadings:
When the girls are spreading their cunts with both hands under their ass-cheeks from behind you get the best view for inspection, much better as gaping, while the fingers inside the cunt are covering all the best of the pussy-meat and pussy-muscles.
During spreading from behind a beautiful tringle is formed with the clit on top and allows the best pussy-inspection of all other views.
So please let the girls spread their cunts to the maximum with long close-up views, as at last seen at the movies with Dominica (May 2015) or Lora (March 2015).
Pls let me know, what you think about.
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Re: GapeMyPussy - More Spreading - Less Gaping

Postby SpreadFan » Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:54 am

I agree with this poster, there needs to be more spreading. It's torture when you have a girl with big pussy lips and you don't make her spread her pussy wide. Like Sina: ... 4wLjAuMC4w

Also, why do you use only black dildos? Black dildo is black dick.
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Re: GapeMyPussy - More Spreading - Less Gaping

Postby admin » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:32 pm


a reply from the site producer:

I am glad you have opened this topic.

we would like to know more opinion on this.

You have surely noticed, that 9 out 10 girls can not gape their vaginas wide open, unless the girl has a very big wide vagina.

Also, we understand the issue with 'too many fingers cover the view'.

These days, we experience a lot of girls with extremely small vaginas. Usually, this is a dream of an 'average' man, a small tight vagina.
But not for our purposes.

So please more opinion on this topic - would you prefer vagina wide stretched, or you prefer pussy spreading instead of wide gaping.

To be honest, for our production, the pussy spreading scenes would be much easier.

p.s. black dildos = more contrast to skin color. We will stick to black dildos.

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Re: GapeMyPussy - More Spreading - Less Gaping

Postby CuntLover » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:05 pm


I'm a new member and have just started reading some of the posts by ADMIN and other members.

This topic of pussy "spreading" versus "gaping" is intriguing because I never made that distinction. However, now that I understand that "spreading" means the splaying of the cunt lips to reveal as much pussy innards as possible, and "gaping" means sticking fingers into the vagina to open it up, I much prefer SPREADING.

The main reason I joined this site was to see - hopefully - the insides of big, voluptuous "meaty" cunts. Anything that blocks that - be it hands, fingers, tools, hands, etc. is frustrating.
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