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More Ass spreading and gaping

Old pussy on close-ups, old pussy spreading and cunt widening games. Old woman young boy. Shaved and hairy cunts. Speculum spreader.

More Ass spreading and gaping

Postby PornLover » Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:19 pm

I love the site! I currently have 3 sites on auto-renew: SeniorCunt, SpermHospital, and TurboMoms.

Love all the close up spread pussies and asses. It would be nice to see more wide open ass spreading, maybe with some gaping and speculums.

I'd like to see more ladies with big swollen assholes spread open wide.

Maybe in the future, there can be a site called OldAssExam but with lots of anal play, stretching, gaping, pushing out, etc.

Thanks for all the teriffic content!
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Re: More Ass spreading and gaping

Postby admin » Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:33 pm

from the site producer:

Thank you for joining all these sites. We are also glad you don't regret how you have spent your money.

We will consider all your suggestions. It is good to hear directly from our members what to bring next and how to improve this old pussy content.

Feel free to post more on this topic. - kinky gyno examination open pussy speculum close-ups at kinky gyno clinic - Biggest nurse fetish site with open pussy close-ups HD movies - pussy gaping pussy stretching pussy spreading HD videos pussy up close - Doctor hidden cam NEW!
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Re: More Ass spreading and gaping

Postby andrew7 » Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:48 pm

Just joined this forum to back this request. Absolutely pornlover, i too would love to see a dedicated site focused on dirty mature shit holes. Exploring dirty rectums,

swollen assholes, stretched ass cheeks, all that shit but it must must includes deep asshole rimming rather i would call rectum licking. I'm absolutely with you there's

no such site exclusively focusing & when its happening on mature shit holes, its simply heaven. Please update everyday like ... network, i won't mind joining it even

for $50 or may be $100 if its that big. Just penetrate those assholes with tongue.
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Re: More Ass spreading and gaping

Postby BoyWithaProblem » Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:57 pm

I would like to add my vote in favour of an OldAssExam type site.

Lovers of the female bottom know that size and even flabbiness can be an advantage, with your mature ladies in SeniorCunt often blessed in this respect. It seems a waste to witness their vaginas explored in such detail, whilst that most forbidden of holes remains so near and yet so far away.

Their is much entertainment to offer in a rear-focused mature website: spankings & canings (to warm up and redden); fingering & stretching; object insertions; speculum aided exploration; enemas; and of course anal sex. If things get messy, well few will complain - shit happens!

I accept that some of your mature ladies may be 'worse for wear' in their rears and so not suitable, with others maybe unwilling to participate for aesthetic reasons. But many others might cooperate, I cannot believe some have not already surrendered their back passsages to boyfriends before now.

So please, what is your official line on this? Your mature models are sitting on your greatest asset!
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