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get a help on video playback issues, billing and password problems and similar


Postby admin » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:48 am


from now on you can recover your password for all our sites on your own at anytime via the site's contact page.

An example: your password for site does not work, you go to, scroll down to find the 'contact us' link - click this link - the password recovery instructions will be shown.

If you experience login problems, it is very possible that our security script has changed your password.

Sometimes get passwords hacked or compromised, so when it happens, you can retrieve your new password on your own, the password will be sent instantly on your email, you don't even need to contact us, it is entirely automated process.

Of course you can use this password recovery feature if you just forgot your password.
We hope this will be very useful for all our members.

Please follow these links if you need to recover the password: - Contact / Support page - Contact / Support page - Contact / Support page

Thank you,

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